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Cavendish, Prince Edward Island (PEI) is a fascinating town in Atlantic Canada. Cavendish is renowned for the reason that it is closely associated with “Anne of Green Gables.” However there are loads of other exciting attractions in this beautiful city as this place naturally lends itself to visitors and tourists. One can swim in the lukewarm ocean; enjoy beach picnics with family and friends and bike rides, as well as a myriad of other activities. It does not take a great deal of preparation to arrange a day of family enjoyment in this scenic region. Simply enjoy your holiday. Canada’s smallest treasure has heaps of attractions to make happy everybody in the family. From children’s fairs to craft fairs to golf tournaments, everybody will come across something to do in Cavendish. Starting with Gateway Village at the foot of Confederation Bridge, family entertainment begins the moment you walk on island soil. With interactive shows, shops, cafes, and a playing field, Gateway Village is a welcoming beginning to this fascinating region. Everyone has to stop in at Cavendish Figurines to dress up as Anne of Green Gables. No one can holiday on this island and not take part in a few water sports. The Cavendish Beach and the Dune Shores present miles of white sandy beaches. With its temperate waters, white sandy beaches and remarkable sand dunes, it’s no wonder that these shores are a favorite with visitors and locals in a similar way. The beaches are just right for a revitalizing swim, building sand castles, or simply lying and watching the clouds go by. Cavendish Beach is ideal for long romantic walks and magnificent sunsets. You can also follow the favorite local pastime activity- taking a blanket during evening lying on the sands and watching the stars. Stanhope Beach is an example of one of the region’s stunning beaches. Tourists love soothing on the beach, going for a leisurely walk on the immaculate sand, or take pleasure in a refreshing swim in the warm waters. The sunrises and sunsets are amazing in this scenic part of PEI. But as tourists you will first need some accommodation and Cavendish vacation rentals or the modern beach vacation rentals are just the type of accommodation you need. There are several vacation rentals and beach vacation rentals in Cavendish and Vermont ranging from farmhouses, to turn of the century homes and more modern accommodations, depending on your budget and preference you can select any vacation rentals. If you are visiting Cavendish Beach with a small group of friends then you may be interested in vacation rentals offering Cavendish cottages; these cottages offer a plethora of modern amenities but only in a smaller scale. The best part of any Cavendish vacation rentals and beach vacation rentals is that they are easily accessible by a car; they are only 25 miles from Rutland, where the nearest airport and train station are situated. Cavendish and Vermont are places that can be enjoyed in every season, be it winter, summer or fall so whenever you book vacation rentals there is always something for you to enjoy.