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If you are looking for an exciting, adventurous and relaxing vacation combined with a wonderful experience of the ocean then think no further, head for North Carolina beaches. Book any beach vacation rentals in North Carolina and enjoy its wonderful and exotic beaches. Whether you are preparing for a family trip or a romantic getaway; a weekend or an extended trip; spend time doing daring things or just relax; the gorgeous beaches of North Carolina (NC) have loads to offer. The unspoiled beaches combined with fresh seafood and a variety of water sports like boating, surfing, fishing and beachcombing will guarantee that you have a wonderful and memorable vacation. One of the beaches that you cannot miss in North Carolina is the Atlantic beach. Located in the middle of the NC coast, it surely is one of the best places for vacations, offering a plethora of choices as regards to restaurants, night clubs and bars, family attractions, and vacation home rentals. With miles of sandy coastline in close proximity to excellent golf clubs, parks and big city Jacksonville, Atlanta beach is a haven for those seeking a break from everyday life. Atlanta Beach is well known for its clean and sandy beach perfect for swimming or fishing. For scuba divers there cannot be a better place than Atlanta Beach as the conditions of the sea are perfect here. The presence of the Gulf Stream nearby makes the waters here clean and warm, allowing Caribbean style diving and a variety of exotic marine life to explore. Moreover wrecks on the bottom of the Atlantic make diving in these waters a memorable experience. If you like to spend your time in peace then also this beach is the perfect place for it. You can pick sea shells, take a stroll on the sand and feel the gentle breeze grazing you. The best place to enjoy it is the Sunset beach and as the name suggests this place offers a great view of sunset and sunrise. This not so big beach is somewhat secluded and is a safe haven for wood storks and loggerhead sea turtles Other than the wonderful beach there is a lot to explore in the city with sixty-five acres devoted to parks, together with the Dutton Island Preserve on the inter-coastal waterway the fun never stops here. In fact the atmosphere of this place is so relaxing and charming that a lot of people settle down here after their retirement from active service. As a visitor the best way to enjoy the beauty of Atlanta Beach is to rent any beach vacation rentals and explore this wonderful place. As for finding the right vacation rentals there is nothing to worry as there are several vacation rentals easily available in Atlanta Beach. With amenities like Queen Master Bedroom, cable TV, hot tub, VCR, community pool, TV, parking, high-speed internet and a wonderful view of the ocean accommodation should not be a visitor’s concern when they rent beach vacation rentals here.