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If you ever plan on visiting San Diego then don’t ever forget to visit the Coronado Beach. This beach has been named as Travel Channel’s Top 10 beaches to visit. Coronado Beach is located on the charismatic Coronado Island and easily reached from city center San Diego has been highly praised as one of the United States’ most excellent beaches. Impeccably dirt free, broad and appealing to every visitor, Coronado Beach is a lovely location for a peaceful family weekend day out. If you plan on staying for long then rather than staying in expensive hotels you can rent vacation home rentals and enjoy the beach with a homely atmosphere. The scenic environment features significantly in the beach’s miraculous attraction, providing a picture-postcard beautiful milieu for the visitor to appreciate. Stylish manors from a previous age look towards the sea, while the inlet is lined by imposing yacht clubs. If you are looking for water activities then Coronado Beach is the ideal place for it as there can be no better location to surf, swim, body board, sail or fish; additional choices consist of the chance of flying kites, play an exciting game of beach volleyball or merely unwind in the charming ambiance with a glass of your favorite drink. Lifeguards take charge of the whole area covered by the beach, providing peace of mind for the tourist. If you are visiting Coronado Beach from January to March, then try to book beach vacation rentals close to the beach or else you may miss the chance of witnessing whales; the whales tend to migrate during this time of the year. There are several vacation home rentals near Coronado Beach but try to get hold of beach vacation rentals as this will help you to stay close to the sea- the most happening place. Besides the beach, the welcoming beach the town of Coronado offers several attractions for visitors to enjoy. Brilliantly preserved parks provide an attractive background for a laid-back stroll. Situated in the middle of the island, Spreckels Park regularly features craft and fine art shows on holidays and weekends. Glorietta Bay Park offers a children’s playground, boat ramp and a small-scale beach with pliable sand. A vacation to Coronado would not be whole without knowing – or at least taking a quick look of the high-end shops and eatery on the Pomona and Orange Street. A significant range of delicious dining and first-rate products is put forward for those who can afford. So if you are not much of a sea lover then renting vacation home rentals within is the best way to enjoy this wonderful place. Complete your tour to Coronado Island in style by benefitting from an energizing sip by the seashore taking in the view the sunset, in a place separate from the hassle and strains of the dull metropolitan lifestyle. Enjoy, relax, shop, do whatever you want in Coronado Islands’ beach vacation rentals and make your stay in this wonderful place a memorable one.

There are several things to do in Orange Beach, Alabama to make your vacation an unforgettable one. The gorgeous gulf coast town of Orange Beach is misleading in its size as there is a lot to explore and do in this place than what immediately meets the eye. Other than all the different types of water activities, visitors will find great bicycling trails to explore and experience excursions in hot air balloon or you can simply choose to relax in your cozy beach vacation rentals. Here is a list of all the amazing things you can do in Orange beach: The beaches in here are well known for their amazing white sands and gorgeous shorelines, do not miss to talk a walk on the beaches or if you prefer simply lie down in the sun. There are several beach vacation rentals available around here; if you can rent one then you will get to enjoy some wonderful view of the ocean. Cruises are very popular around these parts and they provide great view and entertainment. Different types of cruises are available as they vary according to the company. You can choose from guided fishing trips, dolphin viewing tours, dinner cruises, glass bottom boat rides and sunset cruises; cruise trips are a great way to spend some quality time. No visit to the Orange beach is complete without visiting The Wharf; it is the most happening place in Orange Beach. Ride the Ferris wheel, shop to your hearts content, have dinner in one of the Wharf’s extraordinary restaurants or enjoy the 10,000 seat amphitheater- the choice is all yours. Parasailing and wave runner rentals are two things that you should never miss in any Orange Beach vacation. Both of them are hugely popular and you will find several companies offering both parasailing and wave runner services. Parasailing will give you a breath taking view of the whole beach and with wave runner rentals explore the ocean at top speed. If you have booked any beach vacation rentals near the shoreline then surely you will see many enjoying from these two activities. If you love fishing then you will just love Orange Beach as you can take guided tours and fish marine creatures from the deep. If you are not heading out in the open then there is the 825 foot fishing pier or you can try your luck at the 900-acre lake full of freshwater fish. If you have kids then don’t miss Adventure Island. It a fun filled amusement centre with Go-Karts, bumper cars, miniature golf, Laser Tag, paddle boats, Remote Controlled boat races and an arcade. It is also one of the places where you get to witness the only active volcano in the Gulf Coast. Finally don’t forget hot air balloons. These rides are available all days in a week but they only go up twice a day. So if you are staying at any beach vacation rentals close to the beach then you may get your chance as they go up once after the sun rises and three hours before the sun sets. The views from top are really awesome.

If you want to spoil yourself on white sandy beaches, with sparkling clear waters, beautiful lagoons touching the shores then make sure to make the stunning Kahanamoku Beach your next vacation destination. Located in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii, the Kahanamoku Beach is probably one of the most beautiful beaches you will ever visit in the US. This place has a wonderful setting and offers visitors with diverse cultures and a vivid history to discover. Beautiful coconut trees line the beach and beautiful parks adorn the whole area, adding splendor to this charming location. The Kahanamoku Beach is located at the north end of Waikiki and is named after a legendary person in Hawaii, Duke Paoa Kahanamoku. This legendary person has set records in swimming but more importantly he is known to breathe life into surfing and introduce this sport of Hawaiian royalty to the world and so in his honor the beach has been named Kahanamoku Beach. In the words of Dr. Beach, Kahanamoku Beach is “A shallow offshore reef protects this beach from the big waves, making it a great swimming area for families with children.” The beach isn’t as big as people usually think it to be, additionally almost half of the water is reserved for surfing; yet it is one of the most sought after beach both by beach goers and surfers. Visitors can enjoy and explore a lot of interesting things in Waikiki by renting vacation rentals or beach vacation rentals near the beach. The water here is crystal clear and swimmers can easily open their eyes underwater without getting stung by salt. The surf breaks here are just ideal for surfing and long boarding, no wonder you will find surfers populating this beach. Moreover as the water is shallow this place is ideal for family vacations with kids. Visitors can rent any beach vacation rentals and enjoy their favorite water sports. Swimming, sailing, snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, and surfing in the fresh Pacific waters and basking on the sparkling beach are some of the things that can be done here. If you are not fond of water sports then you can rent any vacation rentals and start exploring the sights and sounds of the city. Kapolei Park is a great place to start your vacation exploration. Waikiki Aquarium is another must see; this place is home to over 420 species of aquatic animals and plants and probably the best place to take your kids. If you love shopping then don’t forget to head to downtown Honolulu. Here you can buy souvenirs, clothing, both local jewelry and of international styles. You can also get several designer boutiques on Kalakaua Avenue and for luxury brands head to DPS Galleria, Hawaii. One of the main reasons behind Kahanamoku Beach’s popularity other than its wonderful beach is the easy availability of amenities within walking distance from the beach. Be it beach vacation rentals or vacation rentals, hotels, restaurants, shops, or recreational areas for kids, visitors get access to everything within walking distance.