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Our Law Firm is a full service automobile accident law practice with offices servicing South Texas. The South Texas Auto attorneys at Our Law Firm have the insight, expertise and know how to enhance a client’s recovery. Using each of our experience in South Texas Automobile injury laws, your vehicle collision lawyers at Our Law Firm we will be able to protect your rights and also battle for you in an effort to improve your prospective recovery. Our firm will strongly protect your own rights beginning with the insurance carrier and proceeding all the way to court. At our firm, we have a no collection-zero fee warranty, meaning that you’ll never be charged anything, except if we win your claim.Personal Injury Attorneys

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If you have experienced an South Texas Car accident injury, the most important determination you can decide is what personal injury lawyer will represent you. There are many law offices and lawyers to choose from, but the truth is you need a Vehicle lawyer that is familiar with Car personal injuries in addition to factors that cause Automobile incidents and will compete aggressively for your rights.

Our South Texas car wreck attorneys make use of reconstruction consultants, economists, investigators, doctors, bio-mechanics together with other forensic professionals that are very important in order to establish just how your automobile accident transpired and just how much equity there is in your claim. Our professional South Texas Car accident attorneys are able to swiftly recognize when these kinds of consultants really are essential and exactly how best to take advantage of their experience in the time of negotiations with the insurance firm in order to work out your individual matter or to utilize for trial to be able to acquire maximum success for you.

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As an Car crash victim, you can be entitled to various kinds of settlement, which include the examples below:

1. Health treatment solutions regardless if you possess health care insurance coverage or not.

2. Payment for ones medical related costs.

3. Damages to cover your potential medical treatment.

4. Repairs or sometimes replacing of your automobile.

5. Refund for your personal car rental fees.

6. Settlement to cover your own sacrificed salaries and potential lost income possibility.

7. Reimbursement for ones up front costs.

8. Maximum recovery for your personal anguish, suffering and mental distress that have resulted as a consequence of your current physical traumas.accident lawyers

Our South Texas automotive injury lawyers at Our Law Firm take care of every type of car personal injuries, including, although not limited to dangerous lane changes, rear-end car accidents, intoxicated drivers, auto rollovers, broadside crashes, turning accidents, running stop signs and red lights, exeeding the speed limit, reckless drivers, bus crash, car or truck vs. pedestrian injuries, and all sorts of several other personal injury accidents.

At Our Law Firm , all of our professional South Texas Automobile collision attorneys will certainly do everything in their capacity to maximize your financial recovery. Plus do not forget, we have a no financial recovery-zero cost assurance, meaning that you do not pay anything unless we recover for you!

No cost Residence Consultations: As a courtesy to our clients, our Automobile injury lawyers at Our Law Firm will offer you residential consultations for your convenience.

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Exactly how are you going to safeguard you and your family should you be seriously injured in an Vehicle accident, bus crash or a pedestrian collision?

Often times, it is not sufficient merely to obtain the insurance coverage and driver’s license number of the opposite group or individual involved. The following are a few suggestions that you can use to make sure to improve ones prospect of financial recovery:

(1) License Plate Details

– Right after a crash, the single most crucial thing that you can do is to always write down the license plate number connected with the opposite car associated.

– At times an individual driving the vehicle doesn’t own the vehicle. Accordingly it’s also advisable to be sure to take note of all of the other driver’s info.

(2) Law enforcement Report

– It is in your own interest to make contact with the authorities and request that the police provide a police report of one’s crash. Make certain to acquire the officer‚Äôs name and badge number.

(3) Pictures

– Take shots of the vehicle immediately. Take photographs coming from many angles, not simply the damaged portions. Preferably, take photographs of the other vehicle(s) active in the collision also.accident injury lawyers

– In a case where you or an individual in your own car or truck suffered a visible injury, take photos of their injury too.

– In the case you were a pedestrian take pictures of the actual crosswalk or the location in which you crossed the road or where you were waiting, walking, etc. in the course of the actual injury.

(4) Observers

– Obtain the actual name, home address and cell phone number of every one of the witnesses and present this information with your lawyer.

(5) You should never talk about the actual mishap with anyone except the authorities and contact a law firm as soon as possible!

If you have been injured during an car accident and you require legal representation, please give us a call today for your free, private assessment with a knowledgeable South Texas Automobile crash lawyer.

Our Law Firm’s experienced attorneys are ready to fight on your behalf and provide you with the particular powerful counsel that you’ll require so that you can maximize your potential for recovery.

If you do not win, you do not pay! Do not delay! Call us today for a free consultation.

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