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It’s another week of action – of glamour, style and elegance! Once again, it’s time for the big event that showcases beauty at its best. The London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2012 is sure to make the banks of Thames bustle with the runway shows, parties and all the razzle-dazzle. Yes, LFW is bringing to town yet another February of Fashion, Flashlights and Festivity. Is this season of staying stylish only for the elite and the beauties that walk the ramps? Certainly not!! It’s for each one of us – for you, me and every single person… who is, and knows that she deserves to be, special. So how do we stay in line with the latest fashion trends (of course without tearing our pockets off)? Luxury and style these days doesn’t come with stellar price tags. With technology taking shopping to the masses through the computer screen, fashion is now within our reach and much within comforts of our own space. What more!! Seasons like these spurs up an extravaganza of discounts – both by way of promotions from the retailers and through the array of discount codes on these. There’s many a site that deals out voucher codes from time to time, making fashion shopping so much more affordable. Making the right choice is all we must do to stay smart. Let’s take a look at what’s trending now on the fashion space. Styles -Dress according to the occasion Fashion changes in a flash and it won’t be surprising to see the rage of yesteryears making a comeback in all new forms. Be it the smashing street wear or the dashing ladylike look, we might see the sparkle of legacy being passed down on to the designs this winter. Whatever you wear, razor sharp cuts precisely fitting the body is the up-town trend these days. Be street smart and flaunt that naughty boyish look… for androgynous fashion is still very much in demand and yet so fresh. Add a dash of the swinging sixties to get that chic style. The Chignon hairstyle or the hippie cuts – of course with a color streak added – may make you the beautifully bold one on street! And don’t be surprised if you spot the beehive hairdo of the 60s reappear this time around. The classy elegance of a countess – that can be the perfect look for all those special occasions and parties. Yet again, trousers could be seen giving way to the more lady-like outfits. Maxi skirts, middies or long pencil skirts – as long as they come in the neutral shades, they’d do the trick! For the subtler moments, robe yourself in the basic whites – but this time, with some shimmer and shine of satin or silk. Add on lace or crochet for that rich look by means of a clutch purse or a wear-over jacket. The most stunning pin curls of the roaring forties might as well make a comeback to complete the classy look. Colors and prints Even though the restrained colors of monochrome, wine and leather are the norm for winter wear, 2012 seems to be clinging on to the hangover of the summer’s solids. But the bold statements these bright teal, crimson and ocean blue make may not be for everyone. If you dare to take all the attention, experiment with colors that stun. Else stick to the safer bets like shades of nature and the pastels. Patterns are more or less limited to the warmer months whereas this winter we might see the natural patterns on fur and leather taking over. Though there may be experiments with polka dots and floral/winter themed prints, it would be safer to stay with the simple sophistication.

Whether you want to spend some quality time with your family and loved ones over the weekend or planning on a prolonged vacation there is no better way to enjoy your vacation than spending the time in one of the great vacation rentals of Fort Lauderdale’s perfect beaches. White sand and crystal blue water stretching as far as your eyes go Fort Lauderdale is the perfect beach to spend time for anyone. Every morning you pull back the blinds of your vacation home rentals in Fort Lauderdale you witness a wonderful day beginning, inviting you to step out of your cozy vacation home rentals and explore the beauty of the place; here are but a few of the best places to visit in Fort Lauderdale: Deerfield Beach Located in the northern most part of Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach is an award winning cove like beach full of warmth and sun, also renowned among visitors for its family atmosphere. If you are looking for the ideal weekend gateway then you cannot miss Deerfield Beach. This place also features Ski Rixen, one of America’s first cable water ski parks where you can learn from professionals how to wakeboard and waterski. Ski Rixen’s wonderful skiing technique pulls you over the water surface smoothly without and boat! There are also other attractions in Deerfield Beach such as a sandcastle building, volleyball courts, several wonderful dining places offering exotic dishes and a place to catch some fish off the Deerfield Pier. Hillsboro Beach This beach is without doubt worth leaving the comfort of your Fort Lauderdale vacation home rentals or apartment for! Also acknowledged as Fort Lauderdale’s “quiet escape”, Hillsboro Beach features the Hillsboro Lighthouse and is well-liked by nature lovers who come to witness turtles nesting. The beach derives its name from the Earl of Hillsborough while Florida was still under English possession. This beach also features a stone sculpture devoted to the barefoot mailman, James E. “Ed” Hamilton. James E Hamilton vanished while delivering mail after October 10, 1887 and was presumed to be dead so in honor of a person who laid down his life in the line of duty a stone sculpture the Barefoot Mailman by Frank Varga is displayed on the shores of Hillsboro. Keep it Casual If you want something more casual and want to spend some quality time with your friends or family members then the vacation rentals at Lauderdale-By-The-Sea is the right place for you. This half a mile wide small town has a sort of laid back, beach village vibe; the best place to lazily spend your days and stay away from the din and bustle of city life. This place is also the only place in Florida where you get a three-tier natural coral reef system close enough to swim and see; this place is also well known for snorkeling or diving and offers great comfort and hospitality to visitors in the cozy vacation rentals. Book one of the wonderful vacation home rentals in Fort Lauderdale, bring a towel and sunscreen lotion and enjoy like you have never before in Fort Lauderdale.

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If you ever plan on visiting San Diego then don’t ever forget to visit the Coronado Beach. This beach has been named as Travel Channel’s Top 10 beaches to visit. Coronado Beach is located on the charismatic Coronado Island and easily reached from city center San Diego has been highly praised as one of the United States’ most excellent beaches. Impeccably dirt free, broad and appealing to every visitor, Coronado Beach is a lovely location for a peaceful family weekend day out. If you plan on staying for long then rather than staying in expensive hotels you can rent vacation home rentals and enjoy the beach with a homely atmosphere. The scenic environment features significantly in the beach’s miraculous attraction, providing a picture-postcard beautiful milieu for the visitor to appreciate. Stylish manors from a previous age look towards the sea, while the inlet is lined by imposing yacht clubs. If you are looking for water activities then Coronado Beach is the ideal place for it as there can be no better location to surf, swim, body board, sail or fish; additional choices consist of the chance of flying kites, play an exciting game of beach volleyball or merely unwind in the charming ambiance with a glass of your favorite drink. Lifeguards take charge of the whole area covered by the beach, providing peace of mind for the tourist. If you are visiting Coronado Beach from January to March, then try to book beach vacation rentals close to the beach or else you may miss the chance of witnessing whales; the whales tend to migrate during this time of the year. There are several vacation home rentals near Coronado Beach but try to get hold of beach vacation rentals as this will help you to stay close to the sea- the most happening place. Besides the beach, the welcoming beach the town of Coronado offers several attractions for visitors to enjoy. Brilliantly preserved parks provide an attractive background for a laid-back stroll. Situated in the middle of the island, Spreckels Park regularly features craft and fine art shows on holidays and weekends. Glorietta Bay Park offers a children’s playground, boat ramp and a small-scale beach with pliable sand. A vacation to Coronado would not be whole without knowing – or at least taking a quick look of the high-end shops and eatery on the Pomona and Orange Street. A significant range of delicious dining and first-rate products is put forward for those who can afford. So if you are not much of a sea lover then renting vacation home rentals within is the best way to enjoy this wonderful place. Complete your tour to Coronado Island in style by benefitting from an energizing sip by the seashore taking in the view the sunset, in a place separate from the hassle and strains of the dull metropolitan lifestyle. Enjoy, relax, shop, do whatever you want in Coronado Islands’ beach vacation rentals and make your stay in this wonderful place a memorable one.