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Siesta beach offers a piece of heaven with its flawlessly white sand beach, which at present holds the label as the best beach in America. The sand of Siesta Beach is made up of 99% quartz; the extraordinary sand of Siesta Beach is powdery fine and remains astonishingly cool to the touch even in the hottest weather conditions. In addition, the broad beach has outstanding park-like facilities that consist of a big parking lot, tennis courts, volleyball courts, lifeguard on duty, a picnic spot with barbecue grills, a porch with seating, a recreational area dedicated only for children, and lavatory facilities. For tourist accommodation there are several beach vacation rentals, fully equipped with all modern amenities. Sunset at Siesta beach is a sight to watch and that is why each Sunday, an hour before sunset; the crowd gets together at the beach to gaze at the wonderful sunset. Man, woman, and children can all join, boogie to the music or simply look at the amusement led by the Siesta Key Drum Circle. This beach-wide event continues well into the night time, when a few head to Siesta Village for added entertainment. At the village, guests can select from the chains of bars and restaurants on Ocean Boulevard or the close by cross streets. Take your pick from neighborhood seaside delicacies or intercontinental cuisine, and possibly some live song on the side. The best way for visitors to enjoy the night life at Siesta Bay is to rent vacation home rentals close to the beach so that they are never far from the enjoyment. The Siesta Key Farmers Market as well happens to take place at the village each Sunday starting in morning and continuing until midday. Shoppers can choose from the wide variety of selection of local produce, fresh seafood, gourmet meats and cheese, cut flowers and tropical vegetable varieties, and loads of others fresh things. If you take a walk around the plaza everywhere you will see fresh reds, greens, and yellows welcoming you and tempting you to try out your culinary skills. If you are staying in any beach vacation rentals then you can try out your culinary skills and prepare your own special dishes with the fresh local produce. Despite the fact that there are several vacation home rentals available on the isle, not anything stands out more than those with such a great location equally close to the beach and the village. Siesta Shores on Beach Road is a commune of residences diagonal to the street from Siesta Beach and about a five-minute hike from the village. The compound is a small neighborhood of beach cottages in extremely “old Florida” fashion. Every one of the structures is either duplex or single unit that is intended to look like a beach cottage with a small fenced-in garden and a courtyard with picturesque railing. No dwelling on the island gets further tropical than this. If you are lucky enough you can rent beach vacation rentals here become part of this picturesque setting.

If you are scheduling a vacation, then managing your wallet is quite a serious thing. Among the various costs that are involved in a tour, lodging costs are extremely significant. Since travelling costs remains more or less fixed, all you need to worry is the lodging tariffs; a little tricky quest can save a number of your bucks. You may have an idea that hotels or motels are the only places which offers reasonable chalets. If you check out the reception of vacation rentals, your perception about accommodation costs will break. Not only the cost, but the vacation rentals offer a number of amenities that no hotel can deliver. Vacation rentals are cottages or apartments which are chartered to tourists for a short period of stay. If you love privacy and peace, then vacation rentals are the lodges of your purpose. Issues like room service or house-keeping won’t be bothering your morning sleep. You can loiter as long as you feel in the corridor, without having hotels authorities instructing you to be in your room. Opting for vacation rentals will allow you to live the life of the locals. You can hop around the city till late night, enjoy life at local clubs and disco; you will have every liberty that you have at your own home. All this will let you shred the life of a tourist. Vacation rentals offer you the sovereignty to choose a one that suits your pockets. If you want to live a royal life at your vacation, then you can stretch a hand of aid. Cottages with private swimming pool, bars, lounge, spa and so much more are also available at remarkably reasonable rates. You can let your luxury spirit go on a spree with these facilities. You and your family can spend quality time together under the foreign sky; your life will be tranquil yet lavish. Another quality of these rented cottages is that you can enjoy cooking your favorite dishes at the private kitchen. This will facilitate in cutting out some chunks which you would have to bear otherwise. If you are planning your holiday with your family and friends, then you have a better choice. Staying at these cottages will let you and your associates stay together, as you do at your farm house. These cottages are spacious enough to let everyone comfortable in their own bedrooms. You will also have the facility of a hall and a dining place where you can share the meals together. The biggest benefit of it is that you can take your pets along with you without providing any clarification or any extra charges. Rentals barely have any concerns about any breeds of your pets or anything like that. Vacation cottages also allow you to spend some private time with your beloved; they have separate kid’s rooms where your children can live playfully. So this time, if you are planning for a real vacation and not a hustle trip, give vacation rentals a thought, as this might give you the aroma of a different vacation altogether.