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Fairfield is well known for its graceful living and exceptional neighborhoods, gorgeous beaches, a vigorous downtown and abundant leisure time activities. These vital quality of life profits that come with living in Fairfield make it one of Connecticut’s top towns and an ideal place to spend your vacation with your family and friends. This place has been ranked as the best place in the Northeast by Money magazine. Fairfield’s attractive landscaped parks present walking, climbing, bicycling, picnicking and nature study overlooking the Mill River. For inhabitants and guests who take pleasure in freshwater swimming there’s Lake Mohegan. During the winter months, ice skaters slide across Sturges Pond, Owen Fish Park and Gould Manor Park. For those who love the sea and water sports Fairfield offers a recreational area eight-mile long Gold Coast on Long Island Sound. There are four public beaches in Fairfield with facilities such as docking and mooring facilities and sailboat storage, there is also a marina and a boat basin. Of these four beaches the two noteworthy ones are Jennings Beach and Penfield Beach. Jennings Beach is the biggest of Fairfield’s Beaches occupying an area of 27 acres. This beach is sandy and offers tourists with a wonderful breath taking view of Long Island Sound. The beach is handicapped accessible and offers a concession stand along with facilities such as bathrooms, volleyball poles and sailboat rack. Penfield Beach is a great place for swimmers and for those who love to bask in the sun. This sandy beach is adjacent to Rickards Beach and offers some great facilities to visitors. If you love grilled food then you just need to bring some charcoal and matches as Penfield Beach has several charcoal grills set up for visitor use and if grilling is not in your to do list then you can always buy food from the nearby Pavilion. One can enjoy activities such as fishing, swimming (both supervised and unsupervised) and bird and wildlife watching in this beach. Not just the beaches even the city of Fairfield has a lot to offer to visitors. The city has a broad and varied range of dwellings and neighborhood ranging from majestic colonials dating back to the late 1700s, Greek revival, Federal and Victorian homes to outstanding contemporaries and a range of condos both inland as well as along the coastline. Tourists and visitors looking for an accommodation in Fairfield face no problems as there are several vacation rentals available. Most the vacation rentals offer all the amenities and if you are lucky you can also get beach vacation rentals, overlooking the sandy Jennings or Penfield, although during peak seasons (summer) it may be hard to find beach vacation rentals. Be it beach vacation rentals or simple vacation rentals there is no shortage of them in Fairfield. In fact due to the presence of diverse neighbourhood in Fairfield you can expect different types of vacation rentals, from small cottages to majestic bungalows you can choose any vacation rentals you wish, just make sure it is close to the beach.

That is correct vacation rentals can be very beneficial for an average traveler. This article in an earnest way has tried to summarize all those reasons in a coherent way. Well to start with we can say that booking rental villas, cottage, condos, or even bungalows is not that difficult these days. A conventional way is to hire a travel agent and get all the relevant information from them. They are updated about the peak and off season details of any place. In addition the advent of the internet has made everything very simple and effortless. You can browse through the various apartment rental services for this and decide on appropriate one according to your choice. That means there is no travel agent involved who would be pitching you only those services that help them make profits. In fact the internet gives you the privilege of shopping around at your convenient time from the comforts of your home or office for making reservations. Now another factor that can be added in favor of these rentals is that these can save a lot of your money during a trip. That is very true as in comparison to a hotel stay you will find these to be quite cost effective. Not only this, you can get more space from these rentals and of course your privacy gets protected as you are confined to your own rental accommodation. For example if you have kids with you, then there is no need to answer hotel staffs and other guests by their running around. This means you can enjoy your vacation on your own terms. Moreover in comparison to a hotel stay this is more personalized and you get the feel of being a local by residing in these holiday rentals. Most of these rentals provide you with laundry services, kitchen, and a feeling of home away from home. You get all the comforts of your home in these vacation rentals as you get a whole unit reserved under your name. Yes there are rentals that come on twin sharing basis as well for those who have planned a budget excursion. The best part about these vacation rentals is that you get to mix with the local people without boundaries set by a hotel. This indicates you can make the most of your trip by learning more about the culture and traditions of a place. This will give a better insight of the land that has appealed to you from a distance. Just remember to run a check on the safety and security of these rentals that you can get for the duration of your stay. This is one point that should not slip out of your mind as it is one of the most important aspects of any holiday. This is because you need to enjoy your vacation in the peace of your mind and in the right spirits!

If you are scheduling a vacation, then managing your wallet is quite a serious thing. Among the various costs that are involved in a tour, lodging costs are extremely significant. Since travelling costs remains more or less fixed, all you need to worry is the lodging tariffs; a little tricky quest can save a number of your bucks. You may have an idea that hotels or motels are the only places which offers reasonable chalets. If you check out the reception of vacation rentals, your perception about accommodation costs will break. Not only the cost, but the vacation rentals offer a number of amenities that no hotel can deliver. Vacation rentals are cottages or apartments which are chartered to tourists for a short period of stay. If you love privacy and peace, then vacation rentals are the lodges of your purpose. Issues like room service or house-keeping won’t be bothering your morning sleep. You can loiter as long as you feel in the corridor, without having hotels authorities instructing you to be in your room. Opting for vacation rentals will allow you to live the life of the locals. You can hop around the city till late night, enjoy life at local clubs and disco; you will have every liberty that you have at your own home. All this will let you shred the life of a tourist. Vacation rentals offer you the sovereignty to choose a one that suits your pockets. If you want to live a royal life at your vacation, then you can stretch a hand of aid. Cottages with private swimming pool, bars, lounge, spa and so much more are also available at remarkably reasonable rates. You can let your luxury spirit go on a spree with these facilities. You and your family can spend quality time together under the foreign sky; your life will be tranquil yet lavish. Another quality of these rented cottages is that you can enjoy cooking your favorite dishes at the private kitchen. This will facilitate in cutting out some chunks which you would have to bear otherwise. If you are planning your holiday with your family and friends, then you have a better choice. Staying at these cottages will let you and your associates stay together, as you do at your farm house. These cottages are spacious enough to let everyone comfortable in their own bedrooms. You will also have the facility of a hall and a dining place where you can share the meals together. The biggest benefit of it is that you can take your pets along with you without providing any clarification or any extra charges. Rentals barely have any concerns about any breeds of your pets or anything like that. Vacation cottages also allow you to spend some private time with your beloved; they have separate kid’s rooms where your children can live playfully. So this time, if you are planning for a real vacation and not a hustle trip, give vacation rentals a thought, as this might give you the aroma of a different vacation altogether.