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St. George Island State Park- Serene Beauty

St. George Island is one of the small numbers of idyllic places in Florida where you can let go of all worldly thoughts, tensions and work pressure and bathe you senses encircled by unsurpassed beach highlights, warm waters, serene atmosphere, and mouth-watering seafood. If you are to get pleased on a retreat, just envisage a stretch of beach that’s very tranquil! But that’s not all you will get to see in this island. There is the St. George Island State Park that has sandy coves, marshes, forest, superb dunes and a white stretch of shore of 9 miles. Moreover it has incredible board walk and hiking trails than what you’ve probably anticipated. As you can see quite a number of reasons point out why this barrier island is a fantastic place for holiday or place of celebration See some of the most beautiful sights and places inside this 22 mile barrier island! St. George Island is a stretch of white beach that has been an outstanding place for several exciting activities that can be done here. If truth be told, it’s considered one of the very last frontiers amongst the barrier islands that are in Florida. You can be certain that beach associated activities will surely make your stay here more worthwhile. Just book any vacation rentals or beach vacation rentals (the ones that are close to the beach) and enjoy your stay The Gulf is the best place to indulge in various water activities. For many visitors fishing is something that first comes to mind but it isn’t the only thing to be done here as there are several activities to be done here. For others, especially kids shelling and beachcombing are attractive enough. Aside from these activities visitors can go to the beach and take a relaxed swim or perhaps snorkel for a bit. The beach is perfect for energetic people who continuously seek adventure and want to try out special activities while on a trip. St George Island offers several occasions for energetic fun such as beach volleyball, beach Frisbee, kayaking, canoeing, jogging, water skiing and jet skiing. For accommodation, visitors can rent a selection of vacation rentals, plantation homes, other bucolic beach cottages or beach vacation rentals that are pet friendly. Yes there are vacation rentals that allow pets in St. George Island; well behaved pets are also permitted to wander the beaches of St. George Island. Island visitors can also book a St. George Island vacation rental that is by now a multi-story residence at the beach. It’s feels great to take to dip in the sea and enjoy the coolness of the Apalichola Bay; there is also the unspoiled marshes that are swarming with flora and fauna. Tourists and visitors who wish to view wildlife can visit the marshes and if they are lucky enough they may be able to spot a rare animal. The St George Island Lighthouse, a 79 foot tower is a sight to behold and is located in the center of the island.

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